King Cars Assurance

King Cars Assurance

"Because good people make a great business"

Investors in People

King Cars & Couriers is working with Investors in People. Investors in People is the UK’s leading people management standard. It specialises in transforming business performance through people. Its frameworks are outcome focused, outlining what needs to be achieved but recognising the broad spectrum of industries and offering flexibility in implementing this standard.

King Cars & Couriers is committed to achieving the highest standards of employee training, health and safety, client care, and managing our environmental impact. We apply various assurance standards ensuring that we are able to improve as a business, employer and supplier.

King Cars & Couriers is committed to continuously improve the company’s processes and services. We are constantly working on strengthening the ability of our operations to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations.

Through our quality management system we ensure that King Cars & Couriers is a consistent competitor in the market place. The constant improvement of our operations allows us to meet customer’s needs and exceed their expectations, broaden our business opportunities and continually finding more efficient ways of working and using resources.

Health and Safety Assurance

These guidelines enable King Cars & Couriers to manage operational risks and improve performance. It also provides guidance on health and safety assessment and how to manage the health and safety aspects of the business activities more effectively, while taking into careful consideration accident prevention, risk reduction and the well-being of our employees.

Our Health & Safety Assurance addresses the following key areas:

  • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Determining Controls
  • Legal and Other Requirements
  • Objectives and OHS Programme(s)
  • Resources, Roles, Responsibility, Accountability and Authority
  • Competence, Training and Awareness
  • Communication, Participation and Consultation
  • Operational Control
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Performance Measuring, Monitoring and Improvement

By maintaining our Health & Safety Management System, King Cars & Couriers commitment is to provide the best working conditions, reduce workplace accidents and illnesses, engage and motivate staff with better and safer conditions and demonstrate compliance to customer and suppliers.

Driver Training

King Cars & Couriers has an on-going commitment to service excellence. All drivers who offer their services to King Cars & Couriers undergo thorough training, ensuring that the highest level of professional competence and service is constantly maintained.

Environmental Assurance

A better environmental management in the company results in a significant reduction of waste and energy usage, improve in the efficiency of running the business and reduce cost, meet legal obligations and demonstrate the commitment towards the environment. All these factors lead to greater stakeholder and customer trust as well as the company being able to prepare for the changing business landscape.

Information Security

Our commitment to information security is important to both our clients and our future. Information security is a continuous process that needs to be updated, refined and improved constantly.

King Cars & Couriers keeps ours and our client’s information secure now and in the future.